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Ale Zozaya is a young Mexican entrepreneur graduated from the University in Graphic Design and Visual Communication,

; she has a Diploma in Educational Sciences (Montessori) and psychologie. Diplomated in languages ​​Spanish, English, French, Chinese and Japanese.


Creator and Founder of the ORZO Boutique Brand and its Subsidiaries in 2005; Currently she has been in the Latin American Market for more than 10 years and 3 years in the European Market May 2015.


The great success of its positioning has been that 80% of the material with which its Products are made comes from recycled materials, the workforce is fair and equitable, since in Merida Mexican Capital  where the Base Boutique is located encouraged the work and fair integration of people with disabilities; So a part of the products you buy come from special hands.


Throughout this almost 14 years the Ale Zozaya Brand and its subsidiaries as Boutique ORZO have donated a small amount to altruistic Work in Marginalized and poor communities of Mexico as well as the promotion of respect and Integration to the Society of People with Some Disability , and also create awareness of the protection of flora and fauna.


Remember that every time you buy a product with Us, it is not just a Product, it is a chest of dreams and illusions in Pro of Different Causes. ❤


Ale Zozaya


Vice-Pdte. Imagen ORZO:

Arleny Zozaya

Community Manager:

Israel Zozaya

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